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How To Order MyMilestoneAward Certificates

Step #1: Contact our MyMilestoneAward representative by completing the contact form or calling 888-674-3606.

Step #2: Our representative will contact you directly in order to answer any questions you might have and send you an order form.

Step #3: Complete the order form and fax back to (214) 242-4448.

Step #4: You'll receive your award certificates by email ready to print.

Step #5: Print out and present the award certificates to hand to your employees, and have fun!

Here is an example of the MyMilestoneAward certificate»

How to Redeem a MyMilestoneAward Certificate

Step #1: Go to

Step #2: Click 'Redeem Code'.

Step #3: Create your personalized MyMilestoneAward account.

Step #4: Enter the unique code* printed on the award certificate.

Step #5: Browse the award catalog, choose an item and add it to your shopping cart.

*The award code entered will only allow the employee to access the level within the catalog associated with the appropriate denomination purchased. The employees will never see, however, the dollar value of the code.

MyMilestoneAward Certificate Example